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Full length and short plays available for licensing through New Play Exchange. Click on a title for additional information! 


As two sides of one life, Little Egg and Grown Uterus struggle to reconcile themselves as both a donor child and an egg donor. As Little Egg searches for her father and Grown Uterus tries to come to terms with anonymous donation, the two navigate through trials of identity, abandonment, betrayal, curiosity, love, and discovery. A story about reproductive justice, inherited experiences, and family.

Full Length: 100 minutes

Photo credit: Ian McQueen Photography. 
Little Egg (Olivia Miller, left) and Sassy Egg (KP Sgarro, right) in a crisis as they meet sperm for the first time. 

Ten years after Jack the Ripper shook British society to its core, another brutal crime hits the headlines: Amelia Dyer is arrested on suspicion of murdering over 300 infants, including her own daughter and son. Her one surviving child, Polly Dyer may be the key to her mother’s conviction -- if she can bring herself to remember the past. With the help of her friend Charlotte Cullum and renowned prosecutor Horace Avery, Polly discovers that our traditional ideas of motherhood can often hide an untamable darkness.

Full Length: 90 minutes

Photo credit: Ian McQueen Photography

Amelia Dyer (Pat Lawrence, right) grapples with her daughter, Polly (Marth Brown, left) in her jail cell before her execution. 

BOMMA Prod Shot Amelia and Polly.png

Dr. Baer is determined to save their young patient, Hannah, at any cost - whether or not Hannah is willing to pay it.

Short Play: 12 minutes
Photo Credit: Ria T. DiLullo
Dr Baer (Sue Kim-Molina) discuss life and death with their patient, Hannah (Georgia Kate Cohen). 

A meeting across history of a young executioner on the eve of a life change and a woman the Grand Guignol forgot. In time, perhaps Marguerite Cane and Paula Maxa can save each other's souls.

Short Play: 10 minutes
Previously produced with Stage Left Theatre in Spokane, WA

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